Hall Road

House Hotel

Area: 267 sq.m   2850 sq.ft
Budget: £ 500k


St John’s Wood, London NW

Year of Build:



Grade II listed building in prime London, St John’s Wood area.


Structural internal and external alterations to include the erection of an extension at rear ground floor level, alterations to side roof (along boundary adjoining 70 Hamilton Terrace) with the installation of rooflights and alterations to existing fenestration.


Following the preparation and submission of a successful Listed Building consent drawing/application package, AS Studio’s predecessor *ASTS Ltd dealt with the obtaining of a license for alterations, preparation of full tender packages, followed by rigorous negotiations and appointment of a successful contractor on the project. Full construction drawings packages were provided to include site supervision throughout the works until full completion and handover to client.


*ASTS Ltd was also responsible for the interior design of the project to include sourcing of materials, specialist items and furniture. 
Despite it being built in 2004, today this project still looks very relevant in style, design and architecture.


*ASTS Ltd was a partnership company established and 
owned by Mr Achika Surkis and Ms Tamar Segalis which traded until 2006 when Ms Tamar Segalis left the UK and moved permanently to Israel. ASTS Ltd was then closed down and AS Studio Ltd was established by Mr Achikam Surkis. 

Sitting Room

View to Garden





Bathroom Sink

Proposed Ground Floor Plan

Proposed Mezzanine

Proposed Section